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Why Today’s Brides & Grooms Use DJs for Their Ceremony
When songs are played as a "cover song" by musicians they don't sound quite like they're suppose to and may even sound like a bad imitation of the original. Instead you could have the original song performed by the original artist played at your wedding ceremony. Your guests will hear the music you selected for your ceremony the way it was meant to sound.

Is there a song you feel reflects the unique person you are? A music artist that makes you feel like you are in your zone? Maybe a song that has personal meaning to you or your relationship, that when played will make you two feel connected at such a special moment? Is there a song that you think would make the time fun and memorable for guests? Or maybe you wold like beautiful traditional classical music or non-traditional classical music that's available today for a wedding with a classic feel? Whatever your personal choice, what I can do for your wedding ceremony is something you're going to be very happy you've taken advantage of.

Between the exceptional quality of today's recorded music and the amazing sounding ceremony equipment I use, you will love how your ceremony sounds and turns out with me doing this part of your wedding.
An Expert Is A Must For Your Ceremony
With me as your DJ you will have the unique opportunity to have a DJ with unparalleled experience at performing ceremonies, much more than any other DJ. That's because I only DJ weddings, so when other DJs are busy performing at company parties, coming of age celebrations, clubs, or high school dances, I'm busy working at a wedding and more than likely playing the music for the ceremony that day.

Because of this very large number of ceremonies I've worked since being a DJ, it has allowed me to become very accomplished and precise at the timing, at blending the music for the stages, and at customizing the music more than any other DJ. It's pretty nice to have someone with this level of experience helping you, since it can make a significant difference in the outcome of your ceremony.
Sound System Exclusively Designed Around Ceremonies
The sound equipment I provide for wedding ceremonies was selected specifically for wedding ceremonies, so it's just right for your wedding ceremony. It's not obtrusive, it's the right size, it puts out the most perfect beautiful sound, it's the latest technology, and it's just the right clean tasteful look that looks great at a wedding ceremony site. To top it off, I replace it every two years so that it's not worn out looking and so that it will be dependable on your wedding day.

Other DJs use their "older set" of sound equipment at the ceremony site, since their "newer set" of equipment is set up in the reception area. Which "newer" to other DJs often just means, newer than their very old equipment that they only use for ceremonies or backup. So their equipment at the ceremony site then often consists of old scratched up and banged up speakers, and other sound equipment components that look shabby and inappropriate, which is something all your guests will see at your ceremony site. Not a very good look for anyone's wedding ceremony and certainly not yours.
Ceremony Wireless Microphones Systems
Having your ceremony heard will greatly enhance the overall experience of your ceremony for your guests. This is especially necessary if your ceremony is in a place where there may be environmental noises, a large number of guests, or guests with hearing problems. I can provide you with a main microphone to pick up your officiate and vows, and if requested an additional mic on a stand over to the side for a reading or singing.
Selecting Your Ceremony Music
If you would like to research some ideas for your ceremony music you can take a look at your own personal music library. You'll be shocked at how there likely are songs that mean something to you. If you need more music ideas you can brows through iTunes. Would you prefer more traditional ceremony songs, modern songs, rock, country, current or classic love songs, beach style songs, or whatever fits your style or your wedding theme?

If you would like to sample music that was specifically created for wedding ceremonies, you can search iTunes or Amazon mp3 page with the words Wedding Ceremony. You can enter Vitamin String Quartet for a search since they have modern rock songs they have recreated with a string ensemble that is recorded with amazing quality that some couples like to have played as their pre-ceremony music as guests arrive.
Music Is Layered Over Ceremony Progression
What happens when I play music for your ceremony is that the music is layered on top of the actual progression of the ceremony steps. In other words, no one in the ceremony has to even think about the music, since instead of the music cuing them I am using them to cue the music on top of how the steps play out time wise etc.

What I am doing is using visual cues, when to bring in a song and when to fade out a song. If a step takes too long, that is longer than the time of how long a particular song is because of a hiccup in the progression of your ceremony, no problem I can fix that since I can see there is a delay and loop/cross fade the song back into itself. In effect extending the song in a way that guests will not even know it has been extended or that there was some hiccup in your ceremony.
Tasteful Ceremony Esthetics
I set up my ceremony sound system and speakers towards the back of the seating area or the back side area, this way me and my sound equipment are not staring back at your guests, or disrupting their view and distracting their attention. I set up this way too, so that my equipment and or I don't accidentally end up in your ceremony pictures.

Other DJs are known to insist on setting speakers on each side adjacent the bride and groom, and setting up their equipment toward the front facing guests where they can be seen. The problem with this is that the DJ diverts guests' attention during the ceremony, obstructs guest’s view of the beautiful surroundings, and cause problems for the photographer trying to keep the DJ and/or his equipment from being in the ceremony pictures.
Precessional Music Prior to Ceremony Start
It's not mandatory, but it's a good idea to start the music around a half hour before the time on your invitations since some guest will arrive up to a half hour before the stated start time on your invitations. Guests will trickle in the 30 minutes leading up the ceremony start time. This gives the area where your ceremony is a more eventful feel when guests arrive and wait. This way the pre-ceremony music will set the stage and give the feeling that your guests are in fact arriving to something special